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Mar 30, 2018

Listen as Guyton has discussions with Cade Somers, Troy Spradlin and Ben Vick, III.  

Mar 20, 2018

Guyton sits down in the studio with Josh Holloway from the Jay Church of Christ.

Mar 3, 2018

This is an interview with our youngest preacher student, Gavin Bearden.

Feb 25, 2018

Guyton attends the YES Weekend on Saturday.  He speaks with Casey Cope from the Forrest Park congregation about church building security.  Casey has many years in law enforcement and oversees the security for Forrest Park Church of Christ.   Guyton and Johnie Scaggs discuss the Gospel Journal and other books.  Guyton...

Feb 24, 2018

Guyton attends the YES weekend youth rally.  On this episode he talks with Wes Hazel, Robert Hatfield, and Lee Snow.